Be Well

Be Well - Identifying and Address Anxiety 

Youth Work Ireland's Year Long Campaign on Mental WellBeing include the national roll out of Be Well – Working with Young People to Identify & Address Anxiety. This 90-minute activity session will help young people gain knowledge and skills to identify and address anxiety in their lives. The pack was launched by Youth Work Ireland’s Wellbeing Squad of young people at the Irish Youth Music Awards National Day in the Aviva Stadium on Saturday 16th.














The Be Well Pack was written by youth worker Leighann Ryan Culleton from Youth Work Ireland Member Service Carlow RYS, has been piloted with nearly 350 young people, volunteers and staff; and has been externally reviewed by clinical psychologists. It is influenced by the Friends Programme, a World Health Organisation recognised programme of support to encourage resiliency and address anxiety. Be Well also uses the well-known 5-A-Day approach to mental wellbeing namely CONNECT - BE ACTIVE - TAKE NOTICE - KEEP LEARNING – GIVE to help young people build resilience and learn ways to cope with everyday anxiety. It is hope that this pack will help support over 100,000 young people across Ireland to identify when and what makes them feel anxious, learn what to do to address this and where necessary get additional supports.

Be Well
Activity Pack for working with young people to identify and address anxiety



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