Youth Work Ireland Services

Youth Work Ireland's 22 regional youth services have a network of local youth clubs and services, which are deeply integrated within communities throughout Ireland. These youth supports and services are built on the strengths of young people as well as addressing the needs of young people locally.  

Our Services Include:

Youth Work Ireland supports and development services are provided by 500 professional youth workers and by approximately 7,000 local volunteers who work in partnership with Young People. The federation shares a common ethos and approach in providing supports and services.  Volunteers are at the heart of all aspects of the federation since its inception 50 years ago.

The work done by our trained staff and dedicated volunteers has a profound effect on the young people attending the services and indirectly on families and the wider community. The positive energy and passion for quality youth services help young people to reach their potential. The young people attending our services connect with staff and volunteers and seem to understand that the contribution they make can create positive change. A large number of young people who participate in our services go on to volunteer and work as leaders in the services.

We truely give them something that matters to do.

"I've learned that not everyone (adults mainly) look down on us. They are there to talk to us and to help" Eva, Cork